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50 GB of Cloud Storage for Free!!!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

AT&T may not be the best carrier one can get but that doesn't mean they're the Devil incarnate either. After all it's not that common to offer 50 GB of free cloud storage... at least not yet so why not step forward and take full advantage of this early offer? I don't know about you but I surely can find some use to that amount of space - better be paranoid and keep your stuff in the cloud using at least two or three such services than wake up one day with all your personal photos gone.50 GB of Cloud Storage for Free AT&T Locker To shorten a story that may become needlessly long here's what you have to do if you want to claim the free 50 GB of cloud storage offered by AT&T right now as of July 26 2013 (this surely is a time-limited offer but we don't know yet for how long it's supposed to last so go ahead and grab yours while you can!):

1. Go to the registration page and sign up for your free account 2. Once you signup you can instantly logon to your account but you'll have to activate your account before being able to do anything else. To do that just click the confirmation link you'll receive via email. 3. In your AT&T Locker account go to Account Settings and access the area called My Plan. 4. Click Upgrade Plan and in the page that opens choose the free 50 Gb option 5. Press the Submit button to confirm the changes and that's all - you just got your 50 GB of cloud storage for free from AT&T!

It would be great for you to post some feedback because I had issues accessing the Locker in Maxthon so I ended up using IE 10. Even this way the website seems to be very slow but I don't think AT&T should be blamed for this at least not yet - after all I'm currently in Europe and in the last few days I noticed some problems with my connection even when using European websites that used to work like a charm in the past. Oh yeah we should also mention that at this time AT&T doesn't offer a standalone program for keeping your local data synced with the stuff in your locker. Nevertheless the AT&T Locker seems like an awesome offer that's worth checking out so act now or feel sorry for missing it later!