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Add/Remove Contacts in Yahoo! Messenger Groups in Windows 7

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Software, Windows-7

When a group is created in Yahoo! Messenger chat application users can add contacts in it. The contacts which are added in the group can either be the new ones which are not already present in the existing messenger list or users can also add the contacts from the messenger list as well. The simplest way of adding any contact to a new group from the existing messenger list is drag-and-drop which can be done with the help of mouse. Once a contact is dragged and dropped in a new group it can be removed in the same way that is by dragging and dropping it out of the group. As a Yahoo! Messenger user in Windows 7 if you want to add or remove any contact to or from the group which is already present in the messenger list you can follow the steps given below:

  1. Logon to Yahoo! Messenger chat application by providing appropriate credentials in the interface.

  2. Click on the contact in the messenger list which you want to add to the newly created group.

  3. Drag the contact from the main messenger list to the group to add.

  4. Alternatively you can drag the contact from the group to the main messenger list to remove.