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Automate Installation of Windows 7 with WAIK

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software, Windows-7

Windows Automated Installation Kit for Windows 7 could be considered as a one-stop shop for almost every automation solution. The kit is free software that can be downloaded from the Microsoft's official website and is not limited to Windows 7 only. In fact the application can be used to create answer files and other automation scripts for almost any operating system that is based on Windows Vista or Windows 7 architecture. The application is also capable of creating Windows PE bootable discs which are helpful in capturing and/or deploying the reference images of Windows 7 and Windows Vista computers. Moreover users can also automate the installation process of Windows server 2008.


  • A single Automated Installation Kit can serve several purposes at the same time.
  • Answer files created using Automated Installation Kit can be much more granular as compared to the files created for legacy versions of operating systems.
  • A single kit can be used for Windows Vista Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 hence allowing administrators to create multi-flavored network infrastructure easily and quickly.


  • As Windows Automated Installation Kit or WAIK for Windows 7 is an .ISO file and is approximately 1.66 GB in size it may take a decent amount of time to get downloaded from the Internet.

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