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AVG Rescue CD - Keep It Close, Just In Case...

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Problems with viruses? As far as I know and my antivirus claims my computer is as clean as possible but since some of my friends had issues with various viruses lately I think today's find is just perfect. After all what could be better than a rescue CD for cleaning your system after you boot a Linux distribution containing an up to date antivirus and a bunch of other tools?

AVG Rescue CD Free

The AVG Rescue CD 9.0 package is freely available to anyone using a computer and it comes without any OS limitations. All you need is at least an Intel Pentium 300 MHz processor 512MB of memory and no free disk space although it is recommended to have a processor twice as fast as the one I just mentioned.

More than just a rescue CD you can also create a bootable USB stick to clean your system. Next to the AVG antivirus and its well-known capabilities this toolset also offers Midnight Commander Windows Registry Editor TestDisk Ping and a bunch of common Linux tools such as vi OpenSSH ntfsprogs and others.

What should you to do get this one? Just go here and pick what you need. No hidden spyware no ads no limitations only a pure free-to-use piece of code that will surely come in handy some day. Hopefully you'll have to help a friend and not help yourself... ;)