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"Waiting For DNS Confirmation Of Cookie Domain(s)..." Error In Opera 10.51

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Half an hour ago I started looking for a subject worthy of my attention. I usually go through online resources that may be interesting check my latest Stumble suggestions and so on. Today the search revealed a subject before actually showing some results. How's that possible? Well just take a look at the screenshot below!

Waiting For DNS Confirmation Of Cookie Domains Opera 10 Error

Sure it only shows one minute and some seconds but as I write this we're talking about almost 35 minutes. "Waiting for DNS confirmation of cookie domain(s)..." is a pretty clear error or at least it should be. Wait it's not an error it's a status message! As we all know such messages are expected to disappear after a while especially when they start with "waiting" but this time it seems we're not lucky!

No it's not only one site and today it's not the first day when I see it happening. After some research I bumped into the following solution: go to Settings> Preferences> Browsing and then set the Loading option to "Redraw Instantly". Some say it works some say it doesn't and this error seems to occur in both Windows and Linux versions of the browser probably in the Mac version too but I didn't find any report on it yet.

The conclusion? In my case changing that Loading option to "Redraw Instantly" solved the problem! I can only hope it will do the same for you or even better you'll never have to face this issue. Final information for everyone's use - it all happened in Windows XP SP3 Professional running Opera 10.51 build 3315 the 32-bit version. That's all folks!