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BluetoothView: Free Bluetooth Software

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

BluetoothView is a free Bluetooth software that helps you to monitor all the Bluetooth devices connected to you or are near you. This freeware runs silently in the background and can help you to check the activities of all the Bluetooth devices near you. Let’s see if this Bluetooth utility is worth trying or not.

When you are in a public place with your laptop you might be surrounded with a lot of Bluetooth devices. So if you want to monitor all the active Bluetooth devices near you BluetoothView is the best option for you. You can check the following information when looking for Bluetooth devices: Device Name major and minor device type last detection time first detection time Bluetooth address and other important information. This free Bluetooth utility will also inform you whenever it finds a new Bluetooth device nearby. You will get to hear a small beep sound when it finds a new Bluetooth device.

This free Bluetooth device monitoring utility is very easy to use and the installation process is also easy. It does not require any extra DLL files so just copy the downloaded folder to any place you want and then start using it. Once you start using this freeware it will immediately start looking for nearby Bluetooth device and will display them to you.

Features of BluetoothView:

  • Monitor all the nearby active Bluetooth devices around you
  • Get detail information about nearby Bluetooth devices
  • Simple Portable and easy-to-use

BluetoothView can be downloaded from NirSoft’s official website. It’s only 47KB in size and supports Windows XP SP 2 or higher. Try BluetoothView Free