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Color Cop: Free Multipurpose Color Picker

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Color Cop is a free color picker that helps you to regulate the coding or color of any color you want. If you are a web designer or looking for a specific color with specific details Color Cop is the best option for you.

Matching colors on web pages is a very important part of web designing and this freeware can help web designers and save their time. You may want to match your new page design’s color with an existing one or want to create a unique color that doesn’t match with other known websites. This free color picker tool is useful in both ways. There is a magnifying tool available in this freeware which helps you to select individual pixels to make sure that you find the color you are looking for. This free developer tool offers a great way to read color info.

This free color picking tool is really easy to use and can be used easily when you are browsing. There is a hexadecimal triplet value with an RGB value available in the main window with different useful tools. There is also an option available for changing moods to Delphi Hex HTML Hex Visual C++ Hex and other modes. Moreover the program can be used just after extraction.

Features of Color Cop:

  • Both Hex and RGB codes are available
  • Locate specific color with the magnifying tool
  • Easy to use stays on top of your window

Color Cop is available for download at ColorCop’s official website. It’s only 60.78KB in size and supports almost all versions of Windows. Try Color Cop Free