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Convert All Media Files with Total Video Converter

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

If you are music and movies collector you would definitely like Total Video Converter application to be installed on your computer. This is because if you have several movies and audio files you might probably always be running out of disk space. Total Video Converter is an application which helps you from one format to another in order to reduce the file size and that to without using picture quality. With the help of this converter you can convert video files from almost any format to almost any format. However you need to know as which format will decrease the picture quality and at what ratio. Little Google search will help you out in this regard and within few hours you will become master of the application. Although the application is for every user below are few pros and cons about the software that will be useful if you are planning to go for some converters.


  • Installation file is small in size and therefore does not eat up extra processor or RAM.
  • Conversion process can be sent to background mode so that the users can continue with their regular tasks.
  • Though the name is Total Video Converter it still converts audio files as well.
  • The application has user friendly interface because of which even a layman can become master within few hours.


  • The application is not free however trial version can be downloaded from anywhere on the Internet.
  • Conversion process in Total Video Converter is comparatively slow.

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