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Enjoy the Versatility with Grand Theft Auto-Vice City

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Grand Theft Auto-Vice City is a versatile game that includes almost every theme. The entire game is based on the story of a character named Tommy who is given several missions during the game. The game is called versatile because the missions include car racing bike racing boat racing stealing and killing. In other words the character in the game plays the role of villain and will be controlled by you. Although the game has its own storyline which progresses as you pass the missions there are also some extra missions that help you gain score and money. The game is basically developed for adults and the children below 15 years of age should not be allowed to play. A few pros and cons of the game are mentioned below which will help you decide if the game is appropriate for your kids and you.


  • Since the game is completely versatile players do not get bored even if they keep on playing for several hours.
  • The graphics and controls of the game are developed in such a way that the entire scene and the controls provide almost real feeling to the player.
  • While playing the game regularly players can improve planning skills.


  • The file is large in size and therefore eats up extra processing speed and RAM.
  • The conversations between the characters and the scenes in the game are sometimes abusive and contain semi-nudity respectively and therefore the game might not be suitable for the kids below 15 years of age.
  • The game requires high resolution graphics card to provide optimum performance.