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Download Speedily with Free Orbit Downloader

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Orbit Downloader is a freeware application that can be used to expedite the downloading process. With the help of Orbit Downloader you can download any file of any size without considering about the type of Internet connection plan you have. This is because the files which are downloaded through the downloader are resume-supported and the downloading process can continue even after a machine is restarted. Before downloading Orbit fragments a large file and then every fragment is downloaded separately bit by bit hence speeding up the entire download process. You can download the application directly from the official website of its vendor.


  • The tool is a freeware and can be downloaded and used by anyone.
  • Tightly integrates itself with almost every available web browser in order to provide safe downloading.
  • Can capture and download streaming media available on the Internet for example videos and audios from YouTube.
  • Interface is user friendly and provides flexible features which can be adjusted as per the requirements.
  • Automatically updates itself from the server and the entire update process is transparent to the user.


  • In order to download streaming media from the Internet additional option Grab Pro ++ is to be selected.
  • In Orbit Downloader to initiate the download process of any streaming media after choosing Grab Pro ++ the page needs to be refreshed which may consume extra bandwidth for a while.

Download Link: