Enjoy Video Chats without Web Cam through VirtualCamera 1.0.1

Virtual Camera is a shareware application which is designed for chat messenger users who do not have real web cameras installed or attached to their systems. Real web camera enables users to allow their chat friends to see them when they are online. However with the help of virtual camera software users can display selected images and videos to their net friends. As the transmitted information is clear, chat friends can enjoy a real-time experience virtually, assuming as if they were sitting right in front of other person. Virtual camera also gets integrated with the real camera (if real camera is attached to the computer) and provides some promising features to the users.



  • The application can be downloaded from the website on trial basis
  • If users plan to purchase the software, they need not to worry about international trading or something similar to that. On the contrary, the vendor’s site accepts payments through PayPal, hence making the payment processes comfortable for the purchasers.
  • When attached with real camera, virtual camera enables users to share their pictures and videos with their friends even more efficiently.



  • Users who use Virtual Camera software cannot initiate or do video chats as the application does not connect any physical lenses to the desktop computers or laptop PC.


Download Link: http://www.soundmorning.com/download.php