Facebook Sticker Store – We're Almost There…

Last week, we talked about these brand new Facebook Stickers added to the chat module featured by Facebook, but it seems I simply missed something – there’s much more than Meep and Pusheen and the thing that I was talking about as an addition for the future (paid stickers) seems to be much closer than I imagined.

Facebook Sticker Store

Gru and the girls & Other stickers

To make a longer story short, here’s how to add more Facebook sticker sets to your Facebook chat window – click the basket icon located in the chat window, then simply preview or add directly new sets by pressing the Free button. As I was saying last week, I’d bet my kingdom for a stick that we’ll see some Purchase buttons appearing pretty soon there, but let’s enjoy the free stuff while it lasts, all right?

Unfortunately, the sets added while accessing Facebook on your computer are not also added to Facebook itself or the Facebook Messenger app used on a smartphone. Also, you can’t add Facebook stickers to your status updates or comments, but I really hope to see that implemented as soon as possible. Useless as they may be, I got a few favorites already, Gru and the girls being simply awesome, but I must confess I also enjoy Napoli A LOT. Oh, well, I said it – I enjoy something that I consider totally useless. How awkward is that? 😐

  1. July 25, 2013
    • July 29, 2013