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Fast Dial

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

I have no idea why but it seems too much time has passed since we talked about a speed dial Firefox plugin so no matter how awesome may be the one I have been using in the last few months I decided to find another one. The purpose wasn't to find something better only another one - for diversity's sake of course. These being said let's take a closer look at Fast Dial this week's first topic shall we?

As I write this I'm also messing with version 3.4 of Fast Dial a Firefox addon that got its last update on the 11th of February works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0.* and has a rating of 3/5 stars after 1884 user reviews and no less than 7862614 downloads. Not that bad if you ask me especially since the suggested contribution is $5.00 and I think that's a bit too much no matter if you're not actually forced to pay in any way. After all I think it would look better to have a smaller suggested contribution amount and get higher amounts of money as donations than the other way around...

... so I'll only add these: Fast Dial has an additional home right here using it is really easy beneath the surface you'll also find unexpected things like custom site logos mouse wheel scrolling themes export/import of any bookmark folder and more. Sure none of this is out of this world but I am sure they come a bit unexpected if we consider the looks of Fast Dial right after installation right? Well I guess I must conclude this by saying that I've seen both worse and better but in the end Fast Dial is a Firefox addon that you should take for a quick spin - if not to replace your current tab manager just for the sake of diversity as I was saying in the beginning... ;)