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Feeds and Web Slices in Windows 7

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in How-to, Windows-7

When talking about Web Slices Microsoft Internet Explorer offers a feature using which users can subscribe them for a particular section of the web page. The section of the web page that is specified by the user needs to be updated on a regular basis and when this mandatory requirement is fulfilled the section becomes eligible to be used as Web Slices by the users. When users subscribe for Web Slices regular updates for that particular section of the page are automatically popped up making a notification noise so that users can be notified about the updates. This feature can be used for news updates weather reports share market updates etc. Many users use these Web Slices to receive automatic updates about the contents of their interests like latest movie releases etc. The process of utilizing the feature of Web slices is simple and is user specific. This means that no elevated privileges are required and the configuration can be set on a per user basis. As Windows 7 user if you want to use Web Slices you are required to follow the steps given below:

  1. Log on to Windows 7 computer with any account on which you want to configure Web Slices.

  2. Click on Start button and from the menu click on Control Panel option.

  3. From the opened page click on Network and Internet.

  4. Click on Internet Options link on the next page.

  5. On Internet Properties dialog box go to Content tab and click on Settings button under Feeds and Web Slices.

  6. On Feeds and Web Slices Settings box make appropriate adjustments and click on Okbuttons on all the boxes to allow the changes to take effect.