Firefox Collections

When it comes to Firefox, I must admit that I became a bit ignorant in the last few years. Sure, it was great for a while, but Opera started to grow on me a long time ago… and it overwhelmed Firefox one day, obviously. That doesn’t mean I completely forgot about Mozilla’s browser, only that I use Opera for most of the time and I’m not really up to date with the news surrounding Firefox, so I have some kind of excuse for discovering Firefox Collections only yesterday, despite the fact it’s been around for over a year… 😐

In case you’re still in the crowd I belonged to until yesterday and you’re wondering what’s so special about these Firefox collections, here’s the official mumbo-jumbo: “Collections are groups of related add-ons that anyone can create and share.” Got it? Sure, I think this isn’t exactly the truth, since you can simply throw in a bunch of completely different Firefox addons into a collection and that would still be all right.

While I don’t think that Firefox is still world’s fastest browser, best looking, most popular and so on, I am sure that people who are crazy about turning their browser into the ultimate piece of code will love these collections of addons. Let’s just check a popular collection, for example – Web Developer’s Toolbox contains 11 Firefox addons that will help speed up development and troubleshooting of Web projects, including the notorious Firebug, Greasemonkey or ColorZilla.

Add-on Collections: Overview from Justin Scott on Vimeo.

11 Firefox addons in a collection sounds decent, but what about no less than 165??? I don’t know about you, but I’m sure that Firefox with as many addons surely doesn’t work faster than one without a single addon! 😉

Now, don’t let me keep you – feel free to go here and browse through the existing Firefox collections – in case you want to get updates on various collections and manage your own directly from Firefox, you may want to use this Firefox addon. That’s all, folks!

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