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Free Email Reminders, Anyone?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Sometimes having a reminder saved on your phone may not be enough so any additional method to ring that bell is welcome. Sticky notes could be a pretty good alternative to the reminders saved on your mobile since they don't have any batteries that run out but I think that even email reminders can be better... at least as long as they make it to your inbox and don't end up labeled as spam! ;)

Founded back in the late 1990s rE-minders! is a rather ancient service but still gets the job done. The official description says it clearly - this is a "A free private reasonably secure e-mail reminder service" and while working with it is pretty straightforward it doesn't look really fresh... but I think most people can live with that. After all it's all about receiving those reminders and nothing more!

rE-minders! also allows you to get a free account and take advantage of some extra features but that's another story and I am sure you won't mind if I leave those for you to discover without my help. To get started without an account just click on Add enter the email address reminder message choose priority and the date to send then press the Record Reminder button and that's all. Good luck folks I really hope you'll find this online service to be as useful as possible! ;)