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Free Encryption Software, Anyone?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

If you're looking for some free encryption software I found something even more interesting - a website able to replace that kind of software tool! Sure I wouldn't be crazy about it either since that site could log all messages and maybe report the suspect ones to the authorities but as long as Crypo 900.GX also provides free encryption software for mobile phones and I am not a terrorist I think everything's all right. Obviously I could also be wrong but that remains to be seen...

Free Encryption Software Crypo I

Since there's not that much to say about the online tool known as Crypo 900.GX let me tell you that the mobile version available were specifically designed to be fully compatible with the Nokia phones (the smart ones anyway I am sure that my 1112 won't be capable of running anything like this) BlackBerry Samsung iPhone and even the Android-based phones. Who has one raise the hand please I would really like to know how is Google's mobile OS doin'!

Using Crypo 900.GX is really easy since all you have to do is type in the text you want to encrypt enter the password and then press the encrypt button. No matter if someone gets the message without being the one who should receive it they won't be able to do anything with it without the password. Sure they can try to break the encryption but we're not talking about some weaker method here because Crypo uses the Secure Very Strong Military Grade 1280-bit Encryption Algorithm. Yupp that's 1280 and not 128!!! ;)

Free Encryption Software Crypo II

Why would you use it? Just think about having your YM history feature enabled and having a hot talk with some chick you met at the job... it would be better to send "nonsense" (text already encrypted with Crypo of course) and use some password you both agreed upon earlier than being caught by your girlfriend who's really jealous and is checking the history of your YM conversations on a regular basis don't you think? Sure I am being a bit evil here but I am sure that if you're looking for free encryption software and all you want to do is send encrypted messages today's article will be really useful to you.

Other than the above... I don't really know what else could be added really. Oh wait - if you have any problems with Crypo be sure that you're accessing it using a JavaScript-capable browser. If you're having any other kind of problems then I suggest you to drop a comment below I am sure somebody will be able to help. That's all folks!