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Free File Search Tool Of The Day

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

File search is something that I usually perform using Total Commander but lately things seem to be a bit different than I was used to mainly because I got a 1TB drive and since I have a lot of small files on it (mainly holiday photos as well as various free programs and free music - remember Jamendo?) I started to mess with various file search tools. Today the time has come for Everything but I have to confess something...

Free File Search Everything

... because I really like to be fair and no matter if you may consider this a minor issue I think you should know that I had Everything in sight for over a month now ("Free File Search Tool Of This Autumn" to me it seems haha!). Why did I avoid it? That's a good question and one of the answers coming quick into my mind is really frightening: each time I got back to the official page I said this program looks way too simple and it may not be enough to say about it not to mention the fact it may be one of those tools slightly different than the search tool included with Windows but fortunately I was wrong!

Speed is what I need when talking about file search these days and I am sure you agree with that. After all it's pretty cheap to have 4-6TB of storage these days but if you have that amount of data and you need to search something... that's not cheap at all - you'll spend a lot of time waiting for the search operation to conclude.

Fortunately Everything seems to be blazing fast and I am not talking about the fact that its creators claim it can index about 1 million files in a minute since I also played with this piece of code and results are pretty impressive. For example after quickly installing the application (a portable version is also available) all those roughly 620000 files on my hard drive were added to the program in 10-20 seconds!

Since searching based on file name only was blazing fast I decided to sort them by size. Obviously I clicked on the Size tab and got a warning that it could take some time. I pressed the Yes button and then I waited for 2-3 minutes. I stopped my music player and went to the kitchen I got some food didn't hurry at all I ate it and then I got back - the process was complete already so I can't say if it took 3 or 13 minutes but anyway - I am sure that searching through all my files would have taken longer using Total Commander or other file manager's search feature.

While Everything runs on Windows 2000 XP 2003 and Vista it can only locate files and folders on NTFS volumes and I must say that running in the background can make your computer feel a bit sluggish from time to time but that depends a lot on the file operations it performs of course.

More than just searching using strings and wildcards you can also use regular expressions and boolean operators and if you run Everything on your computer and a remote one you can even perform remote searches!

To end this I will add that the program used only about 40MB of memory while I was messing with those over 620000 files that I mentioned earlier and despite its apparently straightforward approach Everything is a really powerful and advanced free file search tool so if you really need such a thing... go ahead and give it a try right away will you? Good luck... or maybe Godspeed?! ;)