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Need To Convert Video To EXE?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Some say that animated GIFs are dead and I think they're right. Even more wallpapers sites aren't what they used to be some years ago and this is simply because too many crappy sites invaded the Internet in the last few years. Anyway I don't have anything against animated GIFs or people looking for wallpapers online since even I do this from time to time but what I really hate is people asking me "I have a movie that won't play - what can I do?" over and over again. The tool I just found won't help them figure out things but will help those sending them movies to avoid being asked about how to play those movies...

Convert Video To Exe MakeInstantPlayer_01

... and this is not made by using magic since there's no magic in converting video to EXE files! All you need is to download MakeInstantPlayer install it and then play with it just a little bit until you get things right. Current version is 1.35 and this piece of code requires only 15.6MB to be installed.

The good part of the story is that we're not only talking about a program that will add some launcher to play your video using Windows Media Player or a basic player with only a few formats supported; things are really serious here! Just think about this - MakeInstantPlayer uses the almighty MPlayer engine to play the video you just turned to EXE so you'll get support for virtually any video format you can think of and you'll even have advantage to some interesting features as I'll reveal them right away...

Convert Video To Exe MakeInstantPlayer_02

First of all you can add codecs to the EXE file something that's not always needed but when we're talking about WMV or RM files it is. Next there's a nice feature allowing you to add a custom splash screen to the EXE file - in my case I added a pretty large image and this probably made my EXE file 5MB larger than the original video. Anyway I think that having a few extra megs added to a large holiday movie that even your grandmother could play without problems is pretty cool don't you agree?

Once you launch the result of your video to EXE conversion the video is being loaded into MPlayer and that's it - only one file to handle nothing to install no codecs required!

This being said I hope you'll find today's article useful because I know one thing for sure - my free software arsenal just got a new weapon and MakeInstantPlayer will remain a part of the inventory from a long time... and I can only hope you'll find this as useful as I do. Good luck and enjoy it! ;)