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Free Online Music With TubeRadio

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Each time someone asks me about free online music a little part of me dies. The reason is that I just can't understand how is it possible for people who have been online for over two years to ask such questions. It's like being in your home town and asking directions from strangers really! Fortunately I just found another site I'll throw at people asking me stupid questions about YouTube free online music and stuff like that. Its name? TubeRadio ( if you like)!

Free Online Music TubeRadio_01

While there's more to free online music than just YouTube most bands/artists publish their videos there and it seems TubeRadio makes a pretty good job in finding them for you. Sure it's more than just that since TubeRadio also gives you the chance to buy the albums of your favorites (even obscure ones but not all of them of course) check their biography or find similar artists.

The interface of the site reminds me of iTunes but I don't think this should be considered a bad thing. Since I mentioned that let me also add that TubeRadio allows you to create playlists and make them public (or not of course) but you'll need an account to do that. Fortunately creating a TubeRadio account is free. Pheew...

Free Online Music TubeRadio_02

One of the things I love most about TubeRadio is the fact that searching and playing stuff located on YouTube is faster than you can do it by going to YouTube itself and I think this should be enough of a reason to give this site a try!

All right all right - I know you can't download YouTube videos via TubeRadio and you won't be able to find audio tracks available on the Internet either but nothing's perfect after all...

Free Online Music TubeRadio_03

... but you'll get access to the lyrics - where available. Unfortunately it seems there's a lot to be added since I wasn't able to check Iced Earth's discography and they are not a garage band after all.

That's it folks - I hope you'll enjoy TubeRadio as much as I did and if your friends start bugging you with silly free online music-related questions you know what to do... ;)