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Online Data Storage Tool For All

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

One of the things I love about the evolution of Internet is that everything became cheaper in the last years and services that were really expensive a decade ago can be used for free today. One example is online storage and I'm not talking about RapidShare Megaupload and others like them because there are even more interesting services offering advanced features like online-computer synchronization and many others as you're going to see right away...

Online Data Storage Humyo_01

... because Humyo the latest online service I discovered has them all - 10 GB of free storage a software for synchronizing your local folders with the online storage space sharing via Facebook Hotmail or Gmail and if you're going to pay for a Premium account you'll also get some really handy automatic backup capabilities not to mention the increased storage space - 100 GB SSL encryption and no advertising!

Obviously this is what a home user sees in Humyo but when it comes to business it's a whole different thing although the basics remain the same. Think about this - while you would probably share holiday photos and movies with your friends maybe also some TV shows and music you can also get serious and share a business report with the people in your office. Pretty cool don't you think?

Online Data Storage Humyo_02

If we take a closer look it becomes pretty obvious that business users should get a Premium account and if not because of the increased storage space or secure connection simply because you need a paid account to gain access via your mobile phone. The price you'll have to pay is $8.04 per month or $80.49 per year if you want to save a few bucks and pay in advance.

To add a nice little cherry on top of the Humyo cake let me say that all purchases come with a 30 day money-back guarantee and they say your information won't be shared with anyone. Believe that or not there's no big deal after all because I am sure that paranoid people can simply upload encrypted archives protected by a 200 alphanumeric characters password and forget about any worries related to the privacy of their data... ;)