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Google Fast Flip

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

I love Google. I hate Google. I hate to love it but I can't say I love to hate it. I won't get into the reasons that made me say that but I am sure some of you understand me perfectly. Today we'll talk about another useful online resource from Google that didn't become as notorious as it deserves at least not yet: Google Fast Flip.

To make a longer story short I think it's enough to say that Google Fast Flip is Google Reader on Adrenaline - you get to read online news in newspaper style gaining a lot of speed and making the entire process a lot easier. That comes from me someone who usually likes to read stuff between the lines and spend as little time reading as possible. Obviously Google Fast Flip has its price and I am not talking about money here - on slow connections using Google Reader may be a better idea but I can't tell you that for sure since I don't have a slow connection at my disposal...

... but I am sure you can help me with that and drop a comment if your connection is slow and the difference between Google Reader and Google Fast Flip in terms of loading speed is obvious. Visual learners will surely enjoy this online service a lot so if it's the first time you see Google Fast Flip and you're like me it's great to know that I was able to help you with some valuable information. Welcome to the fast flippers gathering! ;)