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Get Information about Any Computer with Speccy 1.10.248

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Speccy 1.10.248 is a freeware tool which is used to gather complete hardware information from a computer system. Although Windows offers this feature with the help of a built-in program called System Information however the built-in tool is not as efficient as Speccy 1.10.248 in several different ways. The entire information related to hardware and attached peripherals can be viewed with the help of this application along with the reports as which type of hardware might be required in case a user wants to upgrade his computer system. The application tightly integrates itself with Microsoft Windows and since it is specifically developed for the purpose it is capable of gathering the information even more granularly.


  • The software provides information about the vendor of the processor and its model.
  • The software is capable of accessing and displaying the total amount of hard disk and the RPM speed at which it works.
  • It identifies the type of graphics card that might be installed on a computer.
  • The application also provides information of the type of operating system installed on the machine.
  • The application can be used by both hardware & network engineers and home users.


  • Speccy 1.10.248 can only work on Microsoft's Windows and is not supported by the operating systems from different platforms.

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