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Get Meanings Quickly with TheFreeDictionary Desktop Assistant

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Desktop Assistant is a license free application that can be downloaded from the official website and helps users to get the meanings and definitions of any word they type. The software resides at the bottom of the Windows desktop that is in the system tray and whenever users want to learn about any object or find meaning of any word they can click on the icon at the bottom and can type the desired word in the available text box. The application searches for the definition and meanings of the word from the vendor's database and finally displays the solution to the typed query.


  • Users can receive answers to the questions any time they logon to the internet.
  • The software eliminates the requirement of physical dictionary and also it saves a lot of time of the users which they otherwise spend on Google searches.
  • The application is lightweight and therefore it does not consume extra processing or memory.
  • Since the software resides at the bottom of Windows desktop it never obstructs any active Window or the tasks initiated by the users.


  • Because of strong database of the vendor of Desktop Assistant no cons are reported and experienced while using the application till date.

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