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By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

About a week ago I received a link to some funny yet attractive album only available for online streaming on Grooveshark. I know I can be really ignorant sometimes especially since there are thousands of online services worth checking out and unfortunately I can't be in front of my computer to search for them 24/24. Well I always say it's great to have buddies sending interesting links my way... so today I took the next step and I created a free Grooveshark account and now I'm sharing my experience with you! ;)

Founded back in 2007 Grooveshark recently reached 10000000 registered users and streams about 60 million songs monthly. Best part of it all? You get a lot for free (especially advertising haha) excellent multilanguage support and best of all Grooveshark works everywhere around the world (if I keep bumping into clips not available in my country on YouTube I'll close my account there and never get back to it!!!).

Paid subscriptions bring removal of advertising and a bunch of additional features including fullscreen mode crossfading of songs interface personalization and a few other goodies. Grooveshark Plus is available for a monthly fee of $6.00 USD ($60 USD for one year) while the Grooveshark Anywhere subscription costs $9/month ($90/year). No need to tell you about Twitter/Facebook sharing the ability to upload music and so on right? After all... you only need to step in and check Grooveshark for yourselves if you haven't done it already it's not hard at all. To make this article useful even to those who already discovered Groovershark here's the album I mentioned in the beginning - click to enjoy. While it may not sound that interesting for you if you're not familiar with the Romanian gypsy "manele" style of music you only need to imagine that this album sounds about the same as it would Justin Bieber's songs with some metal riffs and drums added - much better than the originals! ;)