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Learn CISCO Products Professionally with CISCO Packet Tracer 5.3

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Cisco, Software

Packet Tracer is yet another router and switch simulator that can be used for testing and learning purposes. The application is mostly useful and liked by the students who are preparing for their CCNA or CCNP global certification examination. The software is highly efficient as compared to other simulators available in the market in various technical ways. It contains almost every device that is used in the production environment and each simulated device can be configured in several ways. It also supports the configuration of frame relay and VoIP hence making the application almost versatile. A virtual version of Wireshark is also integrated with the application which allows users to assess the security of the network topology created in the software. This helps the students learn and understand security vulnerabilities in production environment as well.


  • The application is absolutely free of cost and the users can easily download it from the internet.
  • Since the software is a product of CISCO itself it is highly efficient as far as its performance and output accuracy is concerned.
  • The entire topology can be saved in a separate file so that the students need not to re-create it every time they start the application.


  • Packet Tracer is after all still an application and the output results given by it cannot always be relied on.

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