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Learn the Chat Language/Internet Acronyms – Guide

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Do you sometimes encounter acronyms that you don't understand like AFK and others? If you use the Internet daily you should know these acronyms in order to communicate with other people worldwide and if you started to use chat applications I am sure that you already encountered words like AATK AFK or PPL. Let me show you some acronyms and their meanings.

u = You

ur = Your

A/s = Age/Sex

A/S/L = Age/Sex/Location

AA = Adios Amigo

AFK = Away From Keyboard

WTH = What The Hell

WTF = What the F***

Brb = Be right Back

BBS = Be Back Soon

TYT = Take Your Time

BAK = Back At Keyboard

AATK = Always at the keyboard

ABT = About

W/ = With

W/O = With out

W8 = Wait

B/C = Because

B4 = Before

PCB = Please Call Back

Plz = Please

IDK = I don't Know

K = Okay

np = No Problem

NVM = Never mind

srry  = Sorry

AIR = As I Remember

AIS =As I Said

AYOR = At Your Own Risk

AYPI = And Your Point Is

AYT = Are You There

N/A = Not Applicable

N/M = Never Mind

N1 = Nice One

N2S = Needless 2 Say

NADT = Not A Darn Thing

NAFAIK = Not As Far As I Know

NAGI = Not A Good Idea

And at the end CYA " See You Later " =)

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