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Low disk space, I hate this msg!! learn how to solve it

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Hardware, Software, Windows-7, Windows-vista, Windows-xp

Low disk space i really hate this message Don't you?  It is annoying silly and makes you want to throw your PC out the window. One day when you are working on your PC suddenly a message pops up saying that you are running out of space in C drive after years of  suffering from this stupid message i came with several ways that may help you to solve this problem and avoid it from the beginning.

1-Use Space sniffer

A free software called Space sniffer this is the best software i ever used to figure out what is eating my hard drive space  it  analyze you hard drive and tell you what take big space from partition c: - or any other partition you choose- and this will help you to decide what you don't need and should delete it and what you should move it to another partition useful software i used it and saved for me over 10 gigs and it supports windows 7/ Vista / XP. (Download)

2- Clean your from temporary files.

Deleting temporary files is very important things that will save for you a lot of space to avoid this annoying message. and the best software for this mission is Ccleaner it will clean all temporary files such as browser history... etc. (Download)

3- Defrage your hard drive

It is healthy thing for your hard drive will increase your hard drive life and will keep your free space it is usually takes time so i often run it before i go to sleep and let it working. you can run it easily- if you use Windows XP- open Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > Disk Defragmemter if you prefer to use 3d party program i recommend for you Defraggler great program do the task in great speed so that i like it. (Download)

4- Clean your computer from viruses

You may asked your self this question before Does their is a virus in my PC eating my hard drive space?........ do you waiting an answer? Yes oh sorry the answer is very simple yes and no. YES because most viruses are programed to duplicate it self automatically But NO because most modern viruses now doesn't care about your hard drive space it cares about you bank account password E-mail account password ... etc  BUT we still can't ignore that you might be infected with annoying virus eating your hard disk the best solution is using a free antivirus and scan your hard disk and i highly recommend for you Avast. (Download)

5- Just format you hard disk

Yes if any of other solution didn't work just backup your important data your drivers -if you don't have installation CD- format your hard disk and install fresh copy of windows . Simply spend 3 hours just reinstalling your essential programs - it takes for me more than 3 hours - And enjoy your fresh copy of windows  :).