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Make Browsing Error-Free with CWShredder 2.19

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

CWShredder is a freeware small utility to make a computer free from any unwanted pop-ups and/or bookmarks that any mischievous program may have created to harass or embarrass the user. Whenever a user finds that automatic bookmarks are being created especially for porn sites this simply means that their web browser has been hijacked and is infected with CoolWebSearch. CWShredder utility makes the computer almost error-free because of its smart coding and efficient working. The software even removes the traces of CoolWebSearch hijacker hence allowing users to experience error-free browsing. Moreover the vendor of the application is a reputed player of the market Trend Micro and therefore the application can be considered as authentic and genuine.


  • The application prevents automatic redirection of the webpages to CoolWebSearch related locations.
  • The software also prevents the automatic redirection of Google searches to any unwanted locations.
  • Deletes the URLs which are automatically added to the Trusted Zone list of Internet Explorer.
  • Re-enables users’ access to Internet Explorer Options feature by repairing it.
  • Disables pop-ups which are automatically enabled because of the infection of CoolWebSearch hijacker.


  • Although CWShredder works efficiently enough with all web browser related issues it cannot be used as an alternative to any full-fledged anti-virus or firewall application by any means.

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