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MiniBin: Free Recycle Bin for Your System Tray

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

MiniBin is a free recycle bin for Windows system tray for those who want to keep the recycle bin in their system tray. If you are using a desktop theme without a recycle bin or don’t want to keep the recycle bin button in your desktop MiniBin is the best option for you.

Once you install MiniBin and keep this recycle bin in your system tray you can drag and drop things into it to delete them. This free recycle bin replacement will work just like the normal recycle bin. It’s a really great tool if you want to make your desktop recycle bin free. This customizable recycle bin supports changing icon recycle bin related settings and changing language. Some themes are also included with the software for those who want to change the icon’s look.

Like I mentioned earlier you can use this free system tray recycle bin just like your normal recycle bin. It will available near the clock in the taskbar. You can hide the icon if you want or show its icon in the system tray all the time. If you delete files every now and then making it visible will be a good idea. If you exit MiniBin it won’t affect your default recycle bin.

Features of MiniBin:

  • Recycle bin for your system tray
  • Fully customizable easy-to-use interface

MiniBin is available for download at MiniBin’s official website. It’s only 521KB in size and supports Windows 2000 or higher. Try MiniBin Free