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Mouse Stroke

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Chrome-extensions, Pctips3000-series

I don't know why but "mouse strokes" sounds really indecent to me. Well it's just thinking about how ridiculous it sounds in an imaginary conversation... "What are you doing?" "Fine all fine just stroking my mouse." "?!?!?" Well if you really like to stroke it even when using Google Chrome... then you really have to take Mouse Stroke for a spin - not that this is an option but you can't use mouse gestures in Google Chrome without it so... no stroking without this extension! :P

To make everything clear once and for all don't think about anything you can't do in front of your kids all right? The official mumbo-jumbo on Mouse Stroke goes like this after all - "Mouse Stroke is a Google Chrome extension which enables mouse strokes (also known as mouse gestures) in the browser." Before moving on let's see those numbers: current Mouse Stroke version is the rating of this Chrome extension is 4.4/5 stars after 548 user reviews and it currently seems to have 91101 users. Not bad at all if you ask me...

... especially since the options at your disposal are really impressive - more than just going back or forward you can create Custom Strokes or even add sites to the blacklist - no mouse gestures needed here and there no problem! I know I could say more but I won't - I will just give you two more links that should mean more than a thousand words: Mouse Stroke's official home and right on on that site the page containing custom mouse gestures submitted by Mouse Stroke users. That's all folks! ;)