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Web Search, The Right Way!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

I know I said it a few times already but until things get right I'll keep saying it: Google must die!!! Before I turn that into a subtitle for most of my articles let me add a few extra words to the above: in the last few years Google became a giant with feet of clay so most so-called "improvements" of its Web search services are nothing more but patches - spam is still there lame content is still there more and more irrelevant stuff keeps rolling in on a regular basis good sites get hit while bastards survive... so it must die be reborn and do things right. Obviously I can't imagine that happening anytime soon so finding new interesting and better search engines sounds like a great idea especially since there are a lot of startups in this field some of them really worthy of more attention. Today the time has come for DuckDuckGo so...

... let's quickly go through those few keywords around DuckDuckGo that should make you forget about anything else when it comes to Web searches: absolute privacy (no search leakage no search history no cookies used by default) direct search on hundreds of other sites excellent support for keyboard shortcuts intelligent search that delivers results from a lot of other sites such as Wikipedia the notorious Wolfram|Alpha the Merriam-Webster dictionary and many others. To compress an entire story in a single short sentence I think I can say that DuckDuckGo is "more than more than a search engine" and if you think a bit about it there's no mistake in it! ;)

While some of those who hate Bing will stay away from DuckDuckGo because this uses Microsoft's search engine's results to feed most of its own results I think there's enough to make virtually everyone happy - the results are displayed without any distractions around there's no need to load next pages since you only need to scroll down... but there's a lot to do and less to say when it comes to DuckDuckGo so I guess that best thing to do now is to search something using this awesome search engine then decide if it's worthy of your attention or not. For me this just became my regular search provider in Opera so if this doesn't say it all... I have to rest my case. Just... be sure to drop a comment below and share your opinions on DuckDuckGo with the rest of us all right? Huge thanks in advance!