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NetWorx - Free Network Monitoring Software For Windows

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

If you're a Windows user looking for network monitoring software there are plenty of excellent tools to find but only a few of them come free of any charge. Before moving on I must point out that my all-time favorite is X-NetStat Professional since it has an impressive amount of features and after using it for a while you will surely conclude that it's worth the price but leaving that behind... I must also highlight how close can get freeware products to their commercial counterparts and NetWorx is the best example I can give you at this time.

Network Monitoring Software NetWorx

At first sight NetWorx seems like one of those many network monitoring software releases that will help you see how fast you're downloading and uploading stuff and maybe even check some statistics for a certain period. Sure there's nothing wrong with the statement above because NetWorx is exactly one of those programs... only that it can also deliver much more than just some basic network monitoring/stats as we're going to see today.

Network Monitoring Software NetWorx

Just hold on for a minute because there's something else that needs to be highlighted here - apart from the "normal" setup package NetWorx is also available as a portable piece of code - the executable file and a DLL to be more accurate. You can just unpack those to a folder and then run the program without having to bother about installing it the old way. Obviously you can also place the files on a USB drive... and you got yourself a pretty good network monitor to take everywhere you go!

Network Monitoring Software NetWorx

The features list includes traceroute and ping capabilities and this is only the beginning since NetWorx is also able to generate usage statistics delivering daily/weekly/monthly reports all of which can be saved as Excel/Word/HTML/plain text files and if you want to set a transfer quota and get warnings when it has been exceeded... search no more - NetWorx also has this task covered!

As far as free network monitoring software for Windows goes NetWorx is great. Even when I put it next to commercial products it can still hold its ground in the eyes of most users. After all NetWorx also has a Netstat tool available... and when you look at the Settings area there's only one conclusion to draw: commercial network monitoring software may be good but you can't go wrong with free pieces of code like NetWorx either! ;)

Network Monitoring Software NetWorx

Oh yeah - do you really want to hear what's missing? I would like to get warnings by email and maybe even by SMS while the ability to save color schemes for the graph colors would also be very nice but since NetWorx just reached version 5.0 and it won't stop here I am sure they'll become available one day. After all hope is the one to die last right?