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New Websites, Anyone?

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

If you've been using the Internet for a while I am sure most chances are that you already got a nice collection of bookmarks you're checking on a regular basis but what about those days when you need something new? Well I found that StumbleUpon can be a great resource for those hard times when nothing seems to look interesting but there's a little problem with it - what's being served to you is limited to your area of interest or even worse you get to see thumbnails and descriptions of the sites you're going to visit!

New Websites Random Website

No I am not on drugs but I discovered the hard way that at least sometimes what you need is not exactly what you want and no matter how strange it may sound some random site belonging to a category you considered to be out of your world may brighten your day... or even help you quickly get over with the project you've been struggling to finish for weeks!

If you think that StumbleUpon is the God of (more or less) random website suggestions then you surely need to give random website dot com a try. Why?

Basically this seems like a very simple site that has a large links database and provides them to you one by one as you click the link saying "Randomlink" but the truth is... I have no idea about the truth but let me tell you a few words about my experience!

I was extremely bored and since I never get enough time to go through my bookmarks... I usually end up adding new ones and saying that I just found some new site that I definitely have to check later. Nothing out of ordinary here of course but this time I found random website dot com using Google and the first site I bumped into using it was a English newspaper with a piece of news from my non-English speaking country that I didn't manage to hear about in the local newspapers yet. Coincidence? Could be but the fact that I had a really good laugh with this occasion made me fall in love with this random website resource and keep using it...

... but I won't tell you anything else about my finds! I found the "Treasure Island" I gave you the map now it's up to you to go and dig but because I don't want to be mean here's one last reason to pay attention to random website dot com - you can submit your own sites for approval as well as sending out entire lists of sites via email. Unfortunately for those who were already thinking about a new way to bring visitors to some nasty sites... "In case it's not really obvious don't submit porn or advertising it will be deleted and your IP address will be added to a ban list."

These being said I hope you'll enjoy random website dot com as much as I do - it might be even better than a beer in a hot summer day really! ;)