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Opera 11.11 Changes

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

As you probably figured out already we all missed the end of the world that was predicted to occur this last Saturday. Well that night ended up pretty awesome to me less the severe headache that I had to go through yesterday (it was the weather not the obscene quantity of wine I drank during that Saturday night trust me! :P). Now it seems the world moves on just like it did before so one of the first things I discovered after coming back to my sweet home and powering up my gear was that Opera received its first post-Apocalyptic update bringing the current version of my favorite Web browser to 11.11...

... and since I am sure many others will ask themselves about the changes brought by this new version I think it's the right time to take a closer look at them don't you think? I will start with the most expected fix that is needed by virtually all browsers available for Windows users these days even Chrome: memory usage optimization. What about it? Well Opera still uses A LOT of memory but since Firefox Chrome IE and the others do the same I don't think we should consider this a problem that makes Opera less appealing.

The problems fixed with the arrival of Opera's version 11.11 include the following:

- Crash on sites using - Crash when opening - Crash when reloading page after opening a popup of easy-sticky-note extension - Crash when destroying Silverlight instance on - Opera freezing on Wikipedia with column-count producing infinite repaints - Inability to disable Spam filter in mail

For additional information regarding all the fixes in the Windows version please take a look here. Unfortunately there's not a single trace of new features to be aware of but you may want to take a closer look at the goodies introduced by Opera not so long ago - click. That's all folks! ;)