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Opera-Shaped Firefox

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

When you really like more than just one browser it gets really interesting especially since I also love roleplaying. No we're not going to talk about RPG games although I can't say I hate them but I have something even more interesting in mind. Just think about making a browser look just like one of its competitors - is this cool or what?

Opera-Shaped Firefox

Before moving on and talking about the Opera-shaped Firefox browser you can easily have I have to tell you about the Safari-shaped Opera I currently use despite the fact things are trivial: the keyword is "skin" obviously. While I currently use an older Opera skin namely Bizkit's Leopard one you should also take a closer look at these Mac OS X-like skins for Opera and choose your favorite!

Now let's see what's so special about the Opera-shaped Firefox browser shall we? First of all I have to tell you that the two Opera-like Firefox themes won't work on the latest Firefox version so if you're feeling in the mood for an adventure go ahead and install Firefox 3.6 before doing anything else! Anyway this has moved from Alpha to Beta less than a day ago so things should be pretty solid now...

Once you installed Firefox 3.6 you should try both Operetta and Operetta Advance then stick with the one you really like.

No matter if you're going to use this Beta version until the final release comes out or simply put it on and use Operetta to mess around with your friends showing them your Opera-skinned Firefox and claiming this is nothing more but Opera with enhanced addons support and a bunch of completely different features than what they knew... I think these Firefox skins are worth checking out no matter if you're in love with Opera or not. After all maybe these will make you give Opera a try and - who knows - maybe you'll even switch from Firefox to Opera... or the other way around! ;)