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Personal Time Monitoring For Windows Users

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Monday... what could be better than wasting time on a Monday morning? Well I guess that doing something surely beats doing nothing so when I bumped into Personal Activity Monitor I knew this is something I have to tell you about today! After all no matter how much you hate Mondays if you can plan your entire week right now you may end up gaining a few extra hours to add to your weekend on Friday and I am sure everybody loves weekends so... let's get to it shall we?

Still in Beta stage Personal Activity Monitor 0.1.1 was released on the 8th of March and despite its various problems I think what we have here is a pretty useful piece of code. Obviously I'm not going to write about it without touching it first so I can already tell you about the problem I encountered - while using PAM to monitor my activity (the program was running in the background) I suddenly noticed that the system tray icon disappeared. After a few seconds I figured out that the program simply shut down taking the logged information with it too. Well I guess that's why they still keep it in Beta... ... but if we're not being too harsh I think we can easily conclude that PAM is a decent product already at least as long as you're not looking for a lot of features and the only thing you want to know is what's happening with your time. On the other hand PAM can only show you what's happening but changing your habits is up to you so all I can say now is "good luck!!!" and nothing more I guess. ;)