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Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week - 2shared

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

Last weekend I enjoyed a little trip to a good friend of mine who's living in a really beautiful town (from my point of view it's enough for a town to be hidden in the mountains to call it "beautiful" but this one is more than just that). Anyway the idea is that despite the fact weather was pretty bad I managed to end up with quite a few pretty cool pictures. As I arrived home I got the memory card out of my camera stuck it into my reader then got all the pictures on my computer. Nothing out of ordinary right? Once I packed the images I simply used Google to find another RapidShare alternative to use... and I ended up facing 2shared in just a few seconds so now I am going to tell you more about it because it's really one online service to bookmark as you're going to see right away!

To make a longer story short I will only say these: no size limit (I didn't try to upload any 20GB file but it seems there are no problems with files up to 1GB... at least that's what I can say after spending some time with this service) no annoying ads or captchas (that doesn't mean 2shared is free of any ads only that they don't get annoying) and you don't even have to create an account!

2shared also offers two really useful features - Search and Watch. While the first one's purpose should be obvious let me tell you about the purpose of the second one - it allows you to see what is being downloaded at a certain time and some of the most recently downloaded files. If you consider this to be a privacy issue just pack your files in password-protected archives and then upload them to 2shared. That's all folks! ;)