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Rapidshare Alternative Of the Week – TyphoonUpload

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

It seems that finding a decent RapidShare alternative gets harder with each new article in the series. For example just think about file upload services that offer a maximum file size of 4 MB... or even 10 MB - to be honest I had no idea such things can exist and even get a pretty good ranking from Google. Well there's no surprise that Google gives good ratings to all kinds of useless stuff so let's stick to the useful stuff I finally managed to find today namely TyphoonUpload.

While there's plenty to say about TyphoonUpload and the entire range of services provided by the company behind it Energy Economics I won't get that deep into it. After all these are the things that really matter to people who just want to quickly share a file without creating some free account or even worse paying for an account: maximum file size (up to 2GB!) a desktop app with a lot of features not to mention that TyphoonUpload comes with two amazing goodies - one online backup app and online storage both available for a free trial of 30 days.

The great part of this whole story? During those 30 days you'll have no less than 100 GB of storage space at your disposal but even after that trial period ends you'll still have 2 GB for an unlimited period of time! ;)

Speaking for myself I must say that uploads and downloads worked pretty well there are no annoying ads to go through I wasn't able to upload anything using Opera and the pricing seems average considering the other similar services I checked so far yet still way too much for me - please see this page for details. On the other hand you pay to get premium features and you really get them so I can't say that TyphoonUpload is not worth its price - it's only the fact that I'd rather buy a cheap shared hosting plan to store my vital stuff combined with a local NAS for really large stuff that needs to be backed up.

Well... I guess that's all for this week's RapidShare alternative. Love it or hate it but I am sure TyphoonUpload will be around for a lot of time especially since there aren't too many competitors for all the things it can provide! ;)