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RapidShare Alternative Of the Week - Zippyshare

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

A really damn hot week is going to end soon. Unfortunately the next one is expected to be just as hot so I don't even want to think about the weather. In fact every time I see something that's cool in a way or another all I can think of is a lower ambiental temperature - no matter if it's a nice a*s-chick walking down the street a hot sports car or a great online service - if it's cool then I'm cool. It may make sense or not it doesn't really matter - the time has arrived for this week's RapidShare alternative so get ready to chill out with Zippyshare! ;)

Zippyshare is a freely available online storage service that was launched back in 2006 so since it managed to stay in business for so long it can't be that bad right? In fact I must say that Zippyshare is a really cool file hosting service - it's completely free there are no download or disk space limits you can upload up to 200 MB per file (multiple file uploads are also allowed) signup is only optional and there may be some ads here and there... but you have to believe me when I say that I've seen much worse more than just once!

More than the above Zippyshare also offers a freely available upload tool (click here) for Windows XP/Vista/7 users that features automatic file splitting report generation and a few other goodies not to mention that both upload and download speeds are very good while the download page doesn't require you to fill any captchas or wait until xx seconds pass. In case you're really worried about Zippyshare's terms of service go right here and waste some of your precious time... Since I am not planning to use this service for uploading any copyrighted info or vital personal data I just couldn't care less about the color of the eyes that may be checking my files. That's all folks! ;)