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Replace That Silly Windows Explorer!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

I am tired of trying to change people's habits so I started to try help them just shifting it all a bit. For example let's think about file managers - most people stuck with Windows Explorer won't ever accept something completely different so why not feed them a better Windows Explorer? Since this isn't actually a program to review I'll quickly recommend Explorer++ to those who want a better Windows Explorer but nothing more than that ("alien things" like Total Commander or Frigate for example!).

What's great about this program? Well Explorer++ is free and open source and it has versions for both 32- and 64-bit Windows systems. While sharing the same major layout elements with that completely outdated Windows Explorer it has his own strong points especially multiple tabs support for multiple keyboard shortcuts full drag and drop support with other apps including the original Windows Explorer as well as various advanced file operations such as splitting or merging. The best of all? It's completely portable and works great with Vista and 7!

Since nothing's perfect let me say that Explorer++ doesn't bring enough improvements over the original Windows Explorer to make it interesting at least to me. Anyway I am sure that programmers who think this project is interesting can take the code and improve it. What to start with? My suggestion (I know I'm silly with this one): before anything else turn it into a two pane file manager! ;)