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By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

For me IrfanView is the screen capture image viewer batch processor image editor all-in-one package I couldn't live without but sometimes I feel the need to try new things. Nothing unusual here especially since I always get back to it. On the other hand I would be a liar to claim that I found no better image viewer or batch processor... the idea is that I didn't find a single package to handle all the tasks mentioned above as well as IrfanView does. Today we'll take a brief look at RIOT a software with a powerful name that stands for "Radical Image Optimization Tool" and has nothing to do with civil disorder or the American heavy metal/hard rock band...


With a setup package having only a bit over 1MB in size and completely free to use RIOT is a really smart choice for those looking to get an image optimizer with batch processing capabilities. To make everything even better RIOT is also available as a portable application so you can avoid installing it. Sweet!

While RIOT can open an impressive amount of file formats it can only save JPEG GIF or PNG files. For each of these formats you have a bunch of settings to mess with and image adjustments can also be changed (only brightness contrast and gamma for now). The batch optimization can also be used to rotate or flip images and... this is not a review so go ahead and try this program if you need such a tool - it's free portable gets the job done and works with Vista and Windows 7 what else do you want?