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Web-Based FTP Client Needed? Here It Is!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Online-services

If you hate installing stuff I have some good news for you in case you lived on a remote island so far - there are plenty of Web-based tools for most tasks you can think of! Even better they are usually free so if you use a FTP client only from time to time there's no need to install any single bit of code since tools like Net2FTP can easily get the job done!

FTP Client Online NET2FTP

As you surely figured out already Net2FTP is a Web-based FTP client but it's surely nice to see it has quite a few features including a plain text editor support for ZIP archives rename/chmod capabilities and it can even filter out files based on the filename last modification time and file size. Not bad for a free tool don't you agree?

To make things interesting even for developers Net2FTP is also available for download so you can host the script on your own server allowing only connection to some FTP servers or using advanced rules (keyword-based filters IP ban and others). All in all this is a tool worthy of everyone's attention so get to it will you? :)