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RocketDock - From Windows To Mac OS X In No Time!

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

I've been thinking about tweaks and the need that most Windows users feel to get the best out of what they have and I am not talking only about pure performance here. The visual part seems to be extremely important for most of them and you would be amazed to know how many switched from Windows XP to Vista just because that shiny new interface. Now what if I would tell you that switching from Windows (XP or Vista it doesn't matter) to Mac OS X can be done for free in only a few minutes?


I know some may call that a lie... I only call it a distorted truth because RocketDock is the program that once installed will turn your Windows PC into a Mac at least at first sight. Apart from that it will offer you a great chance to enjoy your Windows experience more than ever before and since this program is one of its kind I thought it would be a great idea bringing it into the spotlight here on PCTips3000.

While RocketDock works great with a desktop full of icons it would be a good idea to disable the Windows desktop and keep only this dock if you really want to feel as close as possible to using Mac OS X... but not doing it!

Just one suggestion - you should get the Stacks Docklet in place to fully enjoy this software gem and feel like using Mac OS X. Other than that... it's about choosing your favorite icons skins wallpapers - all available on and have a lot of fun in the process of course.

At last here's some useful info you should keep in mind before saying "I don't really need such a thing!" and leaving: RocketDock is available in over 50 languages and can be easily translated allows real-time window previews in Vista minimizing windows to the dock and doesn't kill your computer even if you're still having an older machine with Windows XP and 512 MB of memory. Oh... did I tell you that it's completely free to download and use? ;)

Unfortunately Windows XP x64 Edition Windows Vista 64-bit Editions as well as alternate shells are not supported... but you can't have it all so better be happy with what you get!