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By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Firefox-addons, Pctips3000-series

I know that the changes made by Google last week turned the entire world upside down for more than just a few sites and unfortunately some of those that got hit really hard didn't actually deserve it. Well nobody said life should be fair so this is it - you win some you lose some... sometimes it's nothing more but random killings. On the other hand finding diamonds in this virtual world of the Internet is also a hit or miss job - today I surely hit a nice one - SimilarWeb is a Firefox plugin that I'll keep around for the rest of my life no doubt about it! ;)

The last update of the SimilarWeb Firefox addon arrived on the 1st of February pushing the current version number up to 1.2.06. According to the description found on this one's "The easiest way to find the best websites on the Internet" but if I think well they should also add that it's all done in a really discreet manner - you don't have to go with the toolbar there's also a menu button option - a brilliant option if you ask me...

In case you still have some questions you should know that SimilarWeb 1.2.06 works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0.* the number of downloads will soon reach the 2 million mark and after 77 reviews this Firefox addon has a 4/5 rating on Mozilla. Its official home can be found here and in case you want to donate the suggested contribution is $5 but nothing stops you from helping the project with a larger one-time payment or if you really love it that much a regular monthly payment! I guess I should also tell you a few words about how this Firefox addon works but I won't - you only need to know that it's a great addition to your browser and setting it up/using it is as easy as possible so... what are you still waiting for here Easter? ;)