Speed Dial Countdown

Can Opera do anything? Well, it can’t make cookies, but I think it could be taught at least to cook pasta! 😉 Now, seriously – where are all those who were saying that Firefox is better than Opera simply because it has at least 10 plugins available for virtually anything you can think of? Sure, at least 8 of those 10 plugins I just mentioned are complete crap in most cases, but that’s a completely different story, so… let’s stick to Opera and a little plugin that can take care of a very basic task and nothing more: a countdown!

Oh, I think I just said “nothing more,” right? Well, Speed Dial Countdown does a bit more than just showing a counter in your Speed Dial, since you can set a website to display and link to inside the widget. Unfortunately, this Opera extension offers no alarm capabilities, not a single trace of notification when the countdown ends and the website inside the widget is always accessible, no matter the countdown status.

On the other hand, it seems people like this extension a lot and the drawbacks I mentioned above are considered by everyone to be minor – the numbers surrounding Speed Dial Countdown are really solid: after 2,382 downloads and 6 user reviews, this piece of code has a 5/5 stars rating! As large as 36.8 KB, Speed Dial Countdown is freely available and its last version, 1.0.2, was released on the 24th of June. That’s all, folks – the clock is ticking and I don’t want to be late for my lunch, so… it’s bye-bye for now! 😉