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Tab Vault

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Opera-extensions, Pctips3000-series

Whatta great morning! The almighty sun is finally shining on my street again and more than just that I also discovered one hell of an extension for my favorite browser - obviously we're talking about today's topic Tab Vault for Opera! Just don't go away thinking that this is another of those password managers that you can get built-in or as add-ons for virtually any Web browser you can think of because we're not even close to that - Tab Vault helps you store tabs not passwords! ;)

A quick look at Tab Vault will reveal the following: the current version of this Opera extension is labeled 2.1.2 (strange enough the official page says 2.2 but the program itself says 2.1.2 in the Preferences screen so...) released on the 19th of April having a rating of 4.5/5 stars after 99 user reviews and no less than 27832 downloads. Tab Vault has 202 KB in size and is currently available in English German Polish Portuguese Spanish and Turkish.

The idea behind this freely available Opera extension is to help you store tabs for later use without wasting memory since all users of this browser are fully aware that using it with more than just a few tabs open is overkill (there's nothing out of ordinary to see Opera eating over 1 GB of memory with just about 30 tabs open most of them without Flash content). To save a tab just two clicks are required. Even more Tab Vault allows you to easily create tab groups export/import sessions and then some - without a single doubt one treasure for every Opera user who uses the browser as it should be used: without mercy! ;)