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The Weather

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Opera-extensions, Pctips3000-series

The thing I really love about weather forecasts is the fact that despite all the advanced weather surveillance equipment used and the impressive amount of computing power involved in generating short term forecasts surprises occur pretty often. Fortunately for me this weekend they messed up the forecast the right way if I can put it like this - after all we were expecting heavy rains in the area where we had to go yet everything was awesome. Anyway no matter how accurate can be weather forecasts for your area they're always better than nothing so you should give The Weather a chance don't you think?

Created by Opera Software the team behind the Opera browser themselves The Weather is a browser plugin that reached version 2.9 on the 28th of June having a size of 2.3 MB and a rating of 4.0/5 stars after no less than 410585 downloads and 67 user reviews. Once you install it there's nothing special to set - just go to and choose your location then click the button saying "Use this location in Opera Speed Dial" nothing more!

Once all the steps mentioned above are over you only need to open the Speed Dial and check the weather in your desired location. Even more you can set Speed Dial magnification to 170% and get instant access to a forecast for the next three days! Other than this you can also click the widget and access the detailed weather information available on Sure some may mumble that there's not enough info being displayed in the Speed Dial and not enough options to mess with but if you ask me I think that The Weather is an Opera extension that delivers just the right thing to most of those who will ever try it so... go ahead and take it for a spin right now! ;)