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Top 5 Free DJ Software 2011

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

If you are looking for some great free DJ software for your PC you will find the best 5 free DJ software right here.

5. UltraMixer Free Edition

UltraMixer Free Edition is a free digital deejaying software that helps you to mix music in real time in different formats including AAC OGG MP3 FLAC WMA and FLAC.

If you are thinking about mixing or creating a music from scratch and turning into a big DJ UltraMixer is what you are looking for. And to turn your dream into reality all you need is a sound card. This freeware comes with almost all the features that you expect to see in a free DJ software and you can enjoy more features by purchasing the premium version.

4. Kramixer

Kramixer is a good free DJ software that comes with attractive DJ program features that we usually expect from expensive DJ programs. This freeware has something to offer for both beginner and professional DJs.

This free DJ software comes with all the expected features like I said earlier but navigating them can be difficult. That’s why if fails to stand out among all the other free DJ software out there. However if you want to mix music in a software that comes with all the necessary features that you expect to see in a software you can always think about trying Kramixer

3. OtsTurntables Free

OtsTurntables is another free DJ software that helps you to tweak and mix mp3 tracks like a world-class DJ.

This free DJ software comes with an intuitive interface where you can enjoy realistic mixer and two turntables. Moreover each turntable comes with direction control pitch and tempo. There is also a dyniamics processor a graphic equalizer and a power amplifier for making attractive mp3 mix. There are some limits in the freeware but the features that are available in the free version is good enough for trying your DJ skills. If you are a portable DJ or newbie you can always think about trying this freeware.

2. Mixxx

Mixxx is a free digital DJ software that comes with all the necessary features you need for performing live as a DJ.

This freeware comes with advanced mixing engine which helps you to create live mixes and take complete control over them. You can enjoy features like high fidelity EQs looping controls hot cues and other attractive features with this freeware. And you get to enjoy all these features for free. They developers of Mixxx is not planning to release a premium version of this freeware so you can expect this freeware to be always free.

1. Virtual DJ

We have Virtual DJ in number one position for its attractive features and easy to use interface. If you are familiar with all the DJ software you will agree that this is the best free DJ software with all the necessary features.

This freeware comes with a cutting-edge beatlock engine to make sure that your mixes are staying on the beat. This also makes sure that you enjoy making mixes at a lightning speed. This freeware also comes with a video engine that helps you to mix and scratch karaoke and music videos with audio files. If you are a professional DJ or just want to try your DJing skills in your laptop Virtual DJ is the best option for you.