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View All Excel Files with Excel Viewer

By Codrut Nistor

Posted in Software

Excel Viewer is a freeware application by Microsoft that can be downloaded from its official website. The application is helpful in viewing .xls files without having Microsoft office installed on the computer. As the name says the application is a viewer of any Excel document it makes quite easy for the users to view or print Excel files easily and quickly. Since the application is developed by Microsoft it gets tightly integrated with the operating system and automatically associates itself with all the Excel files which are created in any version of Microsoft office package. Also the application is standalone and can be downloaded as a single entity.


  • The application can be installed separately and therefore requires no additional configurations or modifications in the operating system.
  • Since the application is versatile in nature it even supports Excel file formats which were created in legacy versions of MS Office package.
  • The application can be installed on any Microsoft based operating system including Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows server 2008 etc.


  • Since the application is a viewer users cannot modify on edit the contents of the Excel file which they open using the software.
  • Excel Viewer is only capable of opening Excel files and not any other document created in Microsoft office package. This means that Excel Viewer cannot open .doc or .docx files.

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